Steffi Daehler

Personal Trainer



Steffi has lived in Singapore since July 2011. Previous to Singapore she lived in Switzerland where she was working as a PE and secondary school teacher. Steffi has always been a sport and outdoor enthusiast. Living close to the Alps she enjoyed climbing, running, skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. She loves to spend as much time outdoor as ever possible – regardless of temperatures or weather conditions.

 No wonder she was hooked to bootcamps from the very first session she joined in Singapore. Ever since then she enjoys working out in tropic sceneries which is not only a perfect way for her to stay fit but as well a wonderful balance to her family life with a husband and twin girls aged of two years. 

It was only natural that Steffi did her PT and started with covers at UFIT. Her own fitness journey taught her that persistence, passion and fun are key to success. As a bootcamp instructor she loves to push you to your limits – and sometimes just a little bit beyond. Thanks to her pedagogical background and her cheerful nature she always finds a way to keep you motivated and on track. This set of skills allows her to guide and assist you in achieving your personal goals. 


  • ACE certified Health coach
  • ACE certified Personal Trainer
  • Thump Boxing Level 1 & Advanced Instructor
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Kettlebell Level 2 Instructor
  • Pre- postnatal