Do you enjoy working out with music? Get in a sweat session with everyone else while grooving along to music. Our dance instructor Chloe Carrodus will help you in burning those calories in a fun and supportive environment.

  • 80s Retro: Want to break a sweat in your leotards, leg warmers and head bands to the likes of Prince, Madonna and Michael Jackson? This class is the perfect way to tone your entire body, while listening to your most favourite classic tunes. It will improve your posture, flexibility, coordination and confidence using moves from the likes of Jane Fonda. Come, have fun and “let’s get physical!”

  • Barre: A ballet and pilates-inspired class to sculpt and tone the entire body. Expect to work hard and feel the BURN even though it is low impact, . Choreography changes every 8 weeks with a different body group focus.

  • DanceFit: An “arms-in-the-air-like-you-just-don’t-care” vibe with non-stop cardiovascular elements to get your heart racing! 45 minutes of non-stop dance party - think of it like hitting the dance floor with your best mates at a festival, or in a club just disguised as a workout. Prepare to leave dripping in sweat and extremely exhilarated with all of the good vibes and endorphins flowing.

Dance Class Schedule

  • Monday - Barre @6pm-7pm

  • Tuesday - DanceFit @6.15pm-7pm

  • Thursday - 80s Retro - @6.15pm-7pm