Pilates HIIT or PHIIT for short, is marrying two of everyone’s favourite workout selections into one beautiful hour long routine that will see the best benefits from both exercises.

Benefits of Pilates 

• Core Strengthening 
• Postural Correction & Flexibility

• Mind & Body Connection

• Strength & Balanced Muscle Development
Benefits of HIIT 

• Strengthen the heart and body

• Improve your stamina

• Great for weight & fat loss goals

• Slows down ageing process

Why you should mix your training?

Our body works best with balance and equilibrium from within. If you’ve been having a plateau in your results, it’s time to try something new.The goal of P-HIIT is to help you perform your HIIT exercises better. With exhaustion, we tend to lose focus on proper form. By starting out with Pilates, we bring awareness to our body and our attention on working the common tights spots before going 100%  on your HIIT exercises.
I have no experience in Pilates, can i still attend?

Of course, Pilates is for everyone! Exercises can be modified for individual achievement to mobilise or strengthen the same muscle group. 
Who is this class for, what level of fitness? 

Suitable for Pilates lovers who have been missing out on the additional power burn in HIIT & for everyone else who would love to see how slowing down (Pilates) can help your body get stronger. Class has been designed for ALL levels of fitness! 
What to expect at your first session

Starting with Pilates - focusing on your breathing, mobility & core strengthening exercises to help smooth the kinks from a day at the officeFollowed by 20mins of High Intensity Interval Training to get your heart rate up and promote fat burning.Finishing off on the mat with stretches for balanced