What is move?

Flexibility, stability, mobility are the cornerstones of any training schedule, ‘Move’ is a standalone class concept to support everything from your performance training to your everyday functional health.

Movement is not just something you throw in at the end of a workout, nor is it a choreographed routine. Move will help you:

  • Work on your best performance whilst enhancing your knowledge on how to get there

  • Teach you postural behavior and how to consciously fix it

  • Provide education regarding proper technique for basic movement patterns such as squat, pull, push, hinge

  • Help you in multi-directional and multi-dimensional movements

  • Allow your body to become not only fitter and stronger but more balanced and complete

move better and be more functional

As a Health and Fitness company we are constantly preaching about the benefits of just moving, whether it be 5km run, a gymnastics session or simply getting up from your desk every 20 minutes.  With our sedentary lives, all the hard work is being injected to reinstate “Movement” as part of our culture. 

People are looking to movement functionalities for different ways to improve their athletic and physical performance, their well-being through stress release and stretching or to reduce muscle stiffness.

move is for everyone

An idea active-recovery day class, Move will serve to move every part of your body, from your ankles and toes to your hips and shoulders all the way to your neck and finger tips. Improve your stability and strength on that “rest” day and optimise your recovery with Move.

Conducted by Leo Alvarez, who is passionate about body weight movement with a background in weightlifting and gymnastics, Move considers the following to be incorporated into your movement training:

Flexbility: The range of motion of a joint
The ability of connective tissue to adapt to a movement and to safely keep the joints in place
The ability to control a joint’s range of motion

Existing Bootcamps Members can register for the class on MBO while new members can sign up here.