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Megan Lovegrove

Bootcamps instructor




Megan is a world-class CrossFit athlete, who has competed in the European CrossFit regionals three times as both an individual and part of a team. In 2017, she competed at the US CrossFit Games as part of a British team after winning their European region. 

Megan followed her passion for fitness and health by completing a degree in Sport Science and Physiology in Leeds in 2009. She then started her fitness career as a Rehab Therapist in the UK at the Fire Fighters Rehab Centre in the Lake District, working alongside physiotherapists for three years which led her to doing a Masters degree in Physiotherapy. She then worked at the NHS for six months in intensive care with a respiratory focus. 

In 2017 she was both a full-time CrossFit competitor and coach, and after tearing her knee cartilage, had surgery six weeks prior to the regionals. Working closely with her Physiotherapist and coach, she recovered and successfully competed at regionals and went onto the CrossFit Games. 

From her own personal experience, and her academic background of Degrees in both Sports Science and Physiotherapy, Megan has an excellent understanding of how a disciplined approach to rehab can get you straight back into fitness in a very short time frame. And as an exercise therapist with UFIT and success as an athlete she’s passionate about building a strong link between your physio work and your fitness goals. 

As she coaches and helps clients recover, she loves to take on people who are new to fitness and health - their first pull-up may seem small - but it’s a huge step, and she finds "getting people to understand how the body works is the most rewarding thing". Equally she enjoys working with high-level athletes and appreciates the marginal gains that can be made when you’re a serious competitor and the importance of achieving them.



  • BSc Sports Science & Physiology, Leeds University
  • MSc Physiotherapy, Northumbria University