Elaine Ho

Bootcamp coach 


Elaine, a mindfulness meditation coach, speaker, yoga instructor and reiki healer, teaches yoga classes that are accessible, multi-sensory, informative and experiential. She is also the director and founding teacher at Yoga Tribe.

Through her teaching, she hopes to impart the essence of Mindfulness and Yoga – not as an attainment but rather, to cultivate an awareness that allows students to discover presence, let go and expand beyond their perceived limitations, physically, mentally and emotionally.

She believes in the power of holding space for the transformation of consciousness of all who practice yoga and meditation, and the positive ripple effect of empowerment, wisdom and compassion that inevitably impacts the world.

Her work stems from her training in insight meditation practices, Embodied Flow yoga, dance and somatic therapy (ongoing).  She been guided by internationally-recognized leaders in the field of yoga, meditation and/or somatic therapy: Tara Judelle, Scott Lyons, Bonnie Bainbridge, Noah Maze, S.N. Goenka and Sarah Powers.