Why should we BURN?


What is BURN?

BURN is UFITs general bootcamp offering that is focused Mainly on Conditioning. This gives bootcamp clients a genuine opportunity to mix up training styles within the bootcamp system.

What is UFITs philosophy for BURN?

Educating clients on aerobic and anaerobic training. Classes will have other elements in it like warm up, mobility and strength however the focus will be higher intensity calorie burning exercises. like plyometrics, AMRAPS, hill sprints, etc.

What is your coaching intent for every client over 6-12 months?

Each class member will get fitter. Bleep tests every 3 months

What can clients expect in your class?

Some mobility and strength. Mostly Plyometrics, AMRAPS, running hill sprints, etc.

Where is the class held?

Every UFIT location

Who is this class for? Is it a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

Anyone who is cleared for exercise and looking to increase fitness levels. This class is scaled and timed to allow all skill levels to enjoy an appropriately prescribed workout.