Build CLASS 


What is BUILD?

BUILD is UFITs first bootcamp offering that is focused Mainly on strength. This gives bootcamp clients a genuine opportunity to mix up training styles within the bootcamp system.

What is UFITs philosophy for BUILD?

In the past almost every single bootcamp UFIT has conducted has focused on the conditioning aspects of training. BUILD provides an opportunity to slow down and focus on learning better techniques in Strength and stability that promote a balanced training regime and support long term health and fitness goals. 

What is your coaching intent for every client over 6-12 months?

My intent is for every single client to be able to improve their general strength (upper and lower) and ideally perform perfect push ups after 6 months of classes. The extended warm up is designed to counter the effects of a day at the office with specific focus on the neck, thoracic and lumber regions of the spine, Hips and ankles.

What can clients expect in your class?

Clients can expect a thorough warm up phase encouraging great movements habits and targeting known areas of tightness. The session is predominately made up of 2 strength circuits using residence bands and bodyweight exercises. There is a focus on slowing down each movement to provide a learning/coaching opportunity in each class. There will be NO RUNNING options provided in every single class so its ideal for those who do not like to run and have niggling lower body injuries.

Where is the class held?

BUILD is currently on Mondays, 1845pm at Fort Canning with additional sessions planned at different locations.

Who is this class for? 

All are welcome. This class is scaled and timed to suit every skill level.