Aly Rauff

Bootcamps coach – Yoga



My foray into fitness and wellness was almost incidental. There was a time when I was completely unfit and unhealthy. But then I got interested in a running app, ran consistently for a year, and surprisingly got very good at it! I loved how amazing it feels to be fitter than I used to be, and from there I expanded into weights, HIIT, yoga, as well as understanding more about proper nutrition.

Since finishing my YTT, my focus is mainly on Hatha with elements of Vinyasa flow yoga. I modify my classes as needed, for all levels. Though I have an apt for working on flexibility and I am known for it, I have no trouble helping clients build their strength and learn how to work with their bodies to get the best practice possible.

Being a yoga teacher, I always hear my clients lament that they are not flexible enough. But I believe that if you can breathe, you can do yoga, and I want all my clients to believe this too. Yoga is not about flexibility and my classes will teach you that.

My personal fitness goal is to constantly challenge myself. I’m very involved with my personal yoga practice, I also like doing strength training with weights - which I don’t get to do on a yoga mat! As long as I am constantly progressing, trying to improve on my old self, and making sure I’m healthy while I do it, I’m happy!"


Best advice given to me:
You have to hype yourself up more than anyone else. You need to be your own biggest fan.

My go-to workout music:
Rap and RnB - especially when I’m doing yoga on my own!

My biggest inspiration: 
Myself - I’ve come a long way from my old self!

My biggest fear:
Settling for my life, instead of consciously choosing it.

My exercise mantra:
I’m doing this entirely for me!


200Hr Om People Hatha YTT - Yoga Alliance Certified